Puppy Application

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Puppy Application

Copy and paste this application into an email or word document,  and email it to me at firesideshilohs@yahoo.com
or contact me and I'll send you an application.

Please make sure you have read over and understand our prices and policies.  I would be glad to give more clarity if need be.  Fill out this puppy application as thoroughly as possible.  It would be better for us to have too much information than not enough.  We use this application to help us choose which puppy is best for you. 




Tell me about yourself and family.:

Which litter are you interested in?

How did you hear of us?

What sex puppy are you interested in?

Are you aware that all our puppies go out as pets on spay and neuter contracts?

Have you ever owned a Shiloh Shepherd before?

Tell us about pets you have or had?

Do you have a color preference?

If so what color are you looking for? 

Would you prefer a smooth or plush coated dog?  (If both parents are plush, all the puppies will be plush.)

Do you live in an apartment, condo, house, or other?

Do you have access to a yard?

Is the yard fenced in?

Is there someone home during the day to take care of the puppy?

If not explain what arrangements have been made to take the puppy out during the day?

Are there any children living with you?
If so what are their ages?

Do you plan on using a crate/kennel for your puppy?

Where will the puppy/dog stay most of the time?

Will you be keeping your dog for its lifetime?

How and when will your dog get exercise?

Where will your dog sleep at night?

Are you aware of the costs of caring for a puppy?   ( Worming, food, vaccinations, heart worm medication. Crate, toys, grooming etc.)

Do you currently have a veterinarian?


May we call him/her to get a reference?

Other References:

Do you have any other questions or clarifications?

Thanks for filling out the application so that we can select quality homes for our puppies and the right puppy for the right families.
           –Sam Knaus

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