Puppy Policies and Prices

Getting a puppy is a decision that should not be taken lightly.  You can't put a price on the value of an excellent dog, but it does come at price.  You are committing yourself to be that dog's protector for the rest of his/her life.  Be prepared for considerable financial and time expense.  If you are looking for a relationship that requires commitment, keep reading.  If you are looking for a casual pet that is kenneled or tied out all day, than you're at the wrong place.  There is considerable expense apart from the initial cost of the puppy.  Healthy dogs go to a vet for regular immunizations and parasite preventative.  Healthy dogs temperaments are solid because their owners spend time building a relationship, socializing and training them. Take some time to think if you can provide this kind of home before you decide to invest in a dog.

We are committed to you and your new puppy. The best thing for you, the best thing for us, and the best thing for your puppy is for you to be extremely happy with your dog.  We can do our part to make this happen by doing our best to place the right puppy into the right home.   We want you to know up front what you are getting into.  Before you get too invested in the process, read the following polices carefully.  Think about it.  If getting a Shiloh from Fireside is something you are interested in, let us know.


Our smooth puppies are $1800 and plush puppies are $1900.   -All our puppies are sold with spay and neuter contracts.

The Process of Getting Your Puppy

  1. Read and Think:  Read our policies and expectations.  Think it over.  If this is something you would like to move forward on, contact us.
  2. Puppy Application:  Copy and paste a completed  Puppy Application into a word document or email.   This will help us match the right puppy with the right owner.  If it looks like a Shiloh from Fireside is right for you, we can move on to the next step.
  3. Deposit:  When approved,  a deposit of $200 will reserve a puppy for you.   The remainder of the purchase price is due when you pick up your puppy at eight weeks of age.  Deposits are always transferable to another litter, but only refundable if we cannot provide you a puppy within 6 months of when the litter was due. 
  4. Prepare: The best way to prepare for a new puppy in your home is to remember or imagine what it is like to have a toddler running around.  Baby proof your house.  Plan where your puppy will spend his/her time when you are not there.  Plan when and how your puppy will get regular exercise.  Get an XL crate that you can section off when they are small.  Get an undercoat rake, nail clippers, leashes and a good book on dog training.  Decide on which veterinarian and what obedience classes you plan on taking your new puppy to.
  5. Watch Our Puppy Page:  We will post pictures of the puppies weekly on the puppy page of our site. 
  6.  Veterinary Visit:  Your puppy will visit our veterinarian and receive an examination.  He will also receive routine deworming, and his first round of vaccinations.  We will give you these health records when you come to pick him up.
  7. Litter Evaluation: The Litter Evaluation Report (LER) will be conducted when the puppy is seven weeks old.  During the LER the puppy is evaluated for temperament, drive, and general conformation. 
  8. Choosing Your Puppy:   After the studying each puppy carefully during the LER and our observations to that point, we pick your puppy for you.  Our decision is based on which puppy we think would be the best fit for your home, your preferences, and (to be fair) the order deposits were received.   I will contact you soon after the LER to let you know which puppy will be the new addition to your family.  We do reserve the right to return a buyer's deposit and cancel the sale of a puppy in the rare occasion we feel that a particular puppy would not be a good fit for a home or if we decide to keep the puppy.
  9. Picking Up Your Puppy:   At eight weeks your puppy will be ready for his/her to join his/her new family.  You will receive with your puppy: a temperament test, health records from his/her first set of shots, registration papers, and a lifetime of support.  We would prefer for you to pick up your puppy in person in (Altavista, VA) , but we understand distance can be a major issue.   Shipping is an additional $650: (for airline certificate, crate, and flight) and is due at least 3 days before your puppy flies out. 
  10. Obedience and Socialization:  Obedience and socialization are a must with all dogs, but especially with a Shiloh Shepherd who in many cases will grow to be over 100 pounds.  They also have a natural (well-balanced) protective instinct that can be lost without social interaction.  As soon as it is healthy for them, expose them to as many positive experiences with people, other dogs and small animals as possible.  Enroll in an obedience or puppy class.  Be prepared for your investment in your relationship with your dog to pay you back exponentially.

Health Guarantee

We guarantee our puppies against life threatening congenital defects (apparent by 30 months). 
We also guarantee our puppies against hip displasia (rated OFA: moderate or severe, apparent by the age of 30 months). 
If your puppy is found to have any of these problems, we will replace your puppy when you are ready.  In any case, when a puppy does not meet the expectations of the health guarantee, we retain the right to have a second veterinarian's opinion.  We do not expect you to return the puppy.

Purchase Agreement

You will be asked to sign the purchase agreement before you purchase a puppy from Fireside Shiloh Shepherds.  

Pet/Companion Spay and Neuter Agreement

All puppies sold as pets.  As part of the purchase agreement we ask that have your puppy spayed or neutered by 24 months of age. 

Working Together

We are thrilled at the idea of helping to bless others, the way we have been blessed, with amazing Shilohs.  We know that if you work at it and take time to get to know your dog and earn his/her respect, you will have a devoted gift for a lifetime.  We are devoted to helping you have the best dog ownership experience of you life.  If you decide to get a Shiloh from us, we look forward to working with you.

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