Ari Jr

Fireside's Legacy of Ari
       Sire: abCHptd Glorious Ari Lion of Fireside CGC, TDI
Fireside's Anja of Babbling Brook

             DOB: 3/10/09         Height: 31.25"          Weight: 130
Hips: Penn Hip: L-.19, R-.24 (90th percentile)         Elbows: OFA Normal pl      Heart: Normal-cardiologist
Coat: Plush          Coat Color: Black and Tan

Ari Jr. lives in Southwest Virginia with his adoring family.  He is something of a local celebrity in their small town and is often seen at Lowes and cruising with Roger.  He, like his father, has a playful and confident personality.  People are drawn to his extremely friendly nature and overcome their initial fears of this monstrous boy when they receive his customary "good licking." 

We are so pleased with how he is turning out.  He is a very masculine male that has a rare combination of height and heavy bone.  He passed his father's height at ten months and still retained the large blocky head and broad frame that we love so much.  If that weren't enough, he has some of the tightest hips out there.  We look forward to locking in these positive traits in our generations to come.  The future looks very bright
as he matures into an even bigger and better dog.

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Enjoy some Pictures of Ari Jr Growing up

1 week

5 weeks (in background playing with his dad)

3.5 months

9 months

15 month monster

getting some love from the boys

hanging out with dad

20 months at Grandma Wendy's

the Big lap dog

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