Fireside's Anja of Babbling Brook
Sire: brCH Ocean State's Saber by my Side
Dam: bCHptd CJ's Princess Xenia of Babbling Brook

DOB: 12/27/06         Height: 28"      Weight: 87 lbs
Hips: Penn Hip (90th percentile!!)  L-.25  R-.25      Elbows: OFA Normal pl      Thyroid: OFA Normal     Heart: OFA Normal-cardiologist
  Coat: Plush      Coat Color: Black and Cream with Silver

A Little About Our Girl

Anja has the sweetest temperament I have ever seen!  She lives for your affection.  We got her from Babbling Brook Shilohs and have been so glad we did.  Val and Jo Ellen have been so helpful along the way, I'm not sure what we would have done without them.  Anja is a lot like her dad Saber in looks, height, and with her excellent hips.  Her favorite thing to do is curl up with our son as he uses her for a pillow.  She is probably my favorite dog to run with.  Nothing rattles her as she uses those long legs to float along with me. We have put some serious miles down together. 

In case you noticed, she lost the tip of her ear at 12 weeks. She wandered off and too close to an aggressive dog.  Ahh!! What a nightmare that was!  It rattled me much more than her.  The incident didn't take away a bit of her gentle spirit though.  It might even have made her sweeter, since she was showered with so much extra attention.  Most people don't even notice, but I usually try to get pictures of her "good" side.

Check some of her pictures.  What a cutie!!

Pictures of Anja growing up

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