bCHptd ask's Beloved Amara of Fireside CGC
Sire: Betterway Zion's Army of One
Dam: Zion's Princess of the Woods

DOB: 9/21/06     Height:26"        Weight: 88lbs
Hips: Penn Hip L-.35  R-.27          Heart: OFA Normal - cardiologist
Coat: Plush        Coat Color: Brown Sable

About our Girl

Amara is the Shiloh that got us hooked.  She will do anything for her human deities.   This eager to please attitude earned her first place honors in her obedience class.  She is very athletic, and loves to play.   Neither of our other Shilohs can catch her when she sprints across the yard in her favorite game of catch.  All you see is a red blur.  Most the time you can see her floating across the yard in a gorgeous flying trot.  She has a strange way of hugging you with her body when she meets you.  Its almost like a cat!

One time my son (then 4) decided to wander off.  I frantically zipped back and forth across the property on the 4 wheeler looking for him.  To our relief, my wife got a phone call a few minutes later from a neighbor through the woods and down the road.  She got our number from Amara's ID tag.  Amara had followed  our son on his misadventure, taking a zap from the in ground fence on the way. 

We look forward to more stories from this exceptional girl.  Here are a few pictures.

Pictures of Amara Growing up

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