Fireside's Titus Justus of SR
       Sire: Savannah River's Bowen of Fireside
Savannah River's Maya of Genesis

             DOB: 11/11/12         Height: 30"          Weight: 120
Hips: Penn Hip: L-.27, R-.23 (90th percentile)     Elbows: OFA Normal pl      Heart: OFA Normal -Cardiologist
Coat: Plush          Coat Color: Brown Sable

I am just so impressed with Titus.  He has a very laid back easy going temperament.  Nothing seems to rattle him, so he is easy to take out in public or have in the house with a bunch or rambunctious kids.  Our four year-old even uses him as a massive fluffy pillow.  The comment we hear most often is how much he looks like a bear.  He is scary looking and sounding for sure, but very sweet to his family and our guests.

Titus is one of our grand-puppies who we have the privilege of putting back into our breeding program. It is so awesome to see Ari's monster head and that heavy bone again.  He is a stocky, very masculine male with a short wide muzzle, small correct ears, a correct straight tail, heavy bone, straight front, well sprung ribs and balanced carriage.  Check out his impressive health stats above.  He has very tight hips that are in the top 10% for the breed (the lower the Penn Hip number, the tighter the hips)In our endless pursuit of producing better and better dogs who conform to the breed standard, we are excited about all the positives Titus can add to our breeding program.

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Enjoy some Pictures of Titus

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12 months                               8 months
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6 months                                   5 months

10 weeks                                                    8 weeks
1 day old

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