Fireside's Sweet Moriah
       Sire: Glorious Max of Shenandoah
Fireside's Sweet Georgia of Glorious

             DOB: 10/25/11         Height: 27"          Weight: 91
Hips: Penn Hip: L-.25, R-.24 (90th percentile)       Elbows: OFA Normal pl      Heart: OFA Normal cardiologist
Coat: Plush          Coat Color: Gray Sable

Moriah is very similar in looks and temperament to her mom, Georgia.   She is a bit darker and has a slightly blockier head, but they are hard to tell apart if you don't see them every day.  Moriah loves to be with the kids and take care of puppies.  We couldn't be more pleased with her calm and eager to please personality. 

She is a solidly built and well put together girl with excellent hips above the top 10 pecent of the breed.  In our endless pursuit of producing better and better dogs who conform to the breed standard, we are excited to add her: tight hips, heavy bone,
well defined wither, straight front, nice sloping top line, good tail set, correct ears and short wide muzzle into our breeding program.  Moriah has soulful, loving eyes that no one can resist, and a gentle, biddable temperament that makes her very endearing.  In short, she (just like her mom Georgia) is a real sweetheart and we are blessed to have her! 

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Enjoy some Pictures of Moriah

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7 weeks
1 week (miss green)

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