Fireside's Gideon of Glorious
       Sire: Glorious Max of Shenandoah
Glorious Bristol

             DOB: 6/30/10         Height: 29"          Weight: 110
Hips: Penn Hip: L-.19, R-.19       Elbows: OFA Normal pl      Heart: OFA Normal
Coat: Plush          Coat Color: Bi- Black and Tan

Gideon visits us from time to time, but lives with his family in Southwest Virginia.  He is known as "Gid-Gid" and is content to be used as a pillow by the small children in his family by night.  By day, he rules the farm and sets an intimidating presence with his bear-like rugged good looks.  He has a calm, confident personality and is a delight to take out in public.  He draws a crowd of spectators but enjoys the attention. 

We couldn't be more pleased with Gideon.  He is a very stocky, masculine male with heavy bone, straight front, well sprung ribs and balanced carriage.  If that weren't enough, he
has some of the tightest hips of any Shiloh (the lower the Penn Hip number, the tighter the hips).  We look forward to locking in these positive traits in our lines for generations to come. 

Enjoy some Pictures of Gideon


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                       8 months                                                                                   10 weeks

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