Fireside's Promising Elsa
Sire: Fireside's Ever Patient Parker
Dam: Fireside's Sweet Moriah

DOB: 5/16/14     Height:27"        Weight: 85 lbs
Hips: Penn Hip L-.30, R-.26      Elbows: OFA Normal PL    Heart: Normal pract
Coat: Plush        Coat Color: Bi-Gray Sable

About our Girl

Elsa was our keeper from our spring 2014 Parker/Moriah litter.  She has her dad's expression and her mom's solid build and tight hips.  Elsa loves to care for puppies and snuggle with our kids.

She is a very well put together girl and an outstanding example of what a Shiloh should be.  We are excited to add her: tight hips, heavy bone,
well defined wither, nice gently sloping top line, good tail set, correct ears, excellent expression and short wide muzzle into our breeding program.  She is also just a great friend and companion.  We look forward to great things from this girl.

Here are a few pictures.  Also see: Elsa's health doc.
Pictures of Elsa


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