Fireside's Made to be Courageous v Shoen-Hirn
       Sire: London Shoen Hirn Von Zion
Fireside's Sweet Georgia of Glorious

             DOB: 11/10/12         Height: 29.5"          Weight: 121
Hips: Penn Hip: L-.28, R-.26 (90th Percentile)       Elbows: OFA Normal pl      Heart: OFA Normal -Cardiologist
Coat: Smooth          Coat Color: Bi-Black Sable/Brown

Asher is just about everyone's favorite Shiloh when they visit.  You can see in his bright, attentive eyes that he is highly intelligent, always watching and eager to please.  He is the most people centered dog I have ever seen.  Even while he was a young puppy he would keep his eyes fixed on mine as he walked on a lead. Training Asher was the most natural and easy thing to do since he has always wanted to work for my attention.  He is outstanding with kids and small animals.  Asher has has been a great companion on hiking expeditions, canoe trips and trail runs. He loves nothing more than to stay right by my side while enjoying the outdoors.

Asher is the result of breeding one of our best females back to the Shiloh legend, London.  Thanks to Frank and Judy keeping London's semen stored for 15 + years, we are now blessed to have this magnificent dog.  It is fascinating to see how much he looks like his dad.
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Besides an outstanding temperament and genetics, Asher is very correct and well conformed to the breed standard.  He is a very masculine male with perfect tail, straight front, well sprung ribs and balanced carriage.  You can see his impressive health stats above.  He also boasts hips in the top 10% for the breed. 
(the lower the Penn Hip number, the tighter the hips)  We look forward to locking in these positive traits in our lines for generations to come.

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